Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffanys

Audrey Hepburn

The Little Black Dress, known affectionately as the LBD, is one of Qortezan’s specialties.

It’s one of the few wardrobe essentials that can truly take you anywhere: the grocery store, a cocktail party or, well, Paris.

The LBD is all about versatility. It can be one of the hardest-working items in your closet, especially if it fits perfectly and makes you feel sexy. Fortunately, there’s a Little Black Dress out there for every size, shape and personality.

Here are some tips for finding the perfect LBD.

They say there are only a few main body types. While we think this is a very simple way to look at our unique bodies, it helps to find out what will flatter your silhouette and give you room to express your own personal style.
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Evening Entertainment

November 12, 2009

If music is the food of love, Qortezan’s new Entertainment Series is sure to satisfy your appetite!


The David Anthony Project

From flamenco to jazz, from classical guitar to opera and pop, Qortezan’s special entertainment evenings are a complete sensual experience. Nourish your body and your spirit with the pleasures of live performances by some of Vancouver’s most talented musicians.

Enter an atmosphere like a courtesan’s private chambers. Treat your senses to an experience like no other by immersing yourself in the gorgeous surroundings and sensual pleasures of Qortezan.
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The White Shirt. What is it about this everyday article of clothing that makes it so sexy?

Bardot, ShalakoIt’s all in the way you wear it and the story you tell with it.
There are so many ways we humans communicate. We use words and modulate our voices, we gesture and cast meaningful glances. The way we dress tells a story about who we are and what we want.

People are usually most conscious of the expressive power of what they wear for a job interview or a first date, but why not use this power more often and more deliberately?
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ErazoBelt2Susana Erazo’s handcrafted leather belts turn any waist into a Hollywood hourglass. Her gorgeous designs, in wrap and buckled corset styles, are irresistible for holiday glamour.

Toronto-based Erazo is practically self-taught, gaining impeccable leatherworking technique by working for a fine leather furniture company.  Inspired by the fine art of corsetry and the costume of classical ballet, she says that the ideal of perfect symmetry lies behind her corset belts.

Each individually crafted belt is a work of wearable art.  Many are made from vegetable-tanned leather for beautiful tones of rich red, deepest black, and dramatic cobalt blue.

Perfect for any time of the night or day, try pairing a wide wrap belt with a long tunic or sweater and leggings.  Match it up with a pair of striking high boots to really turn heads.
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This amazing woman came into Qortezan last night, interviewed Edie, and miraculously produced this wonderful article by this morning. We love the way she has photographed the store and has a great way of expressing the Qortezan philosophy.

Read the article: From Europe To Yaletown.

Sense and Sensitivity

The whole point of a vibrator is to make you feel good. The materials a vibrator is made of have an important influence over just how good it feels and you have a lot of options to choose from. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of some of the main ones.

Lelo & Jimmyjane Vibrators

Lelo & Jimmyjane Vibrators

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Qortezan: Live Royally

June 30, 2009

One of Qortezan’s missions is to introduce people to pleasure. Qortezan wants to open people to new ways of experiencing life passionately, ways they haven’t tried before, ways they might not have known about.

A sense of adventure is an asset, as is an open mind. Pleasure is different for everyone.

Mor Collection

Mor Collection

A new kind of pleasure might mean allowing yourself to indulge in a beautifully scented massage lotion to share with a partner, even if you don’t do it right away. Maybe it means giving yourself some sexy lingerie because it makes you feel attractive and powerful.
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Welcome to Qortezan

June 22, 2009

Entering the realm of Qortezan is like parting a rich velvet curtain and stepping into a magical, theatrical, gorgeously sensual place. Once you are there, nothing else matters. You find yourself awakening, your senses coming alive. The smells, textures, sounds and sights inspiring, arousing, and freeing you.


Life is sexy.

Behind the curtain lie a courtesan’s secrets, the keys to her mysterious allure. Qortezan is generous. She could not keep her secrets if she wanted to. Her sensuality is inspired with wisdom, her attitude infused with joy. Her rooms are filled with items devoted to pleasuring both men and women, a world of sensual delight unlike any other.

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