A Quick Guide to Lube

September 23, 2009

Introducing a new lube into the bedroom can be tricky. But for increasing pleasure with and without a partner, a good lubricant can make all the difference.

When you decide to take the plunge and suggest trying lubricant, know that some people may feel uncomfortable about the idea. Your partner might feel criticized, thinking that if they were doing a “good job” of turning you on, you wouldn’t need it. In reality, and especially if you’re using toys together or enjoying anal play, extra lube can mean a smoother, sweeter, sexier experience for everyone involved.

But how do you choose the right lube? There are lots of options and your choice will take into account the way you’ll use it, what kinds of materials it will come into contact with, your personal sensitivities and environmental considerations.
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Sense and Sensitivity

The whole point of a vibrator is to make you feel good. The materials a vibrator is made of have an important influence over just how good it feels and you have a lot of options to choose from. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of some of the main ones.

Lelo & Jimmyjane Vibrators

Lelo & Jimmyjane Vibrators

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The Spice of Life

Variety may be the spice of life, but when it comes to exploring the world of vibrators, it can be overwhelming. In this guide, we’ll show you some ways to narrow down your search.

Vibrators are all about functionality, so a good place to start is by thinking about what you want it to do. What do you like? If you’re a woman, do you think you’d prefer clitoral or internal stimulation? Do you think you’d like both at the same time? There are lots of choices for men and women as well as couples.

Although there are other options to consider, such as power source, control, size, and materials, here are some of the main functions available.

For Women:

Clitoral (external) stimulation: These vibrators are designed to concentrate attention on the clitoris and anywhere else you might like to try. Some examples of external vibrators include the Lelo Nea, and the Jimmyjane Iconic Pocket.

Lelo Nea

Lelo Nea

Internal stimulation: Sometimes called “traditional vibrators”, these are shaped to go inside you. Some vibrate over their entire surface; others concentrate stimulation on specific areas like the G-spot. The Jimmyjane Little Chroma and the Lelo Gigi are good examples.
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Qortezan.com is now open!

August 17, 2009

Qortezan is proud to announce the debut of qortezan.com, a brand new online shop featuring an elegant selection of sensual items from our boutique in Vancouver, Canada.
Choose from a special collection of luxury products for men and women: sensual massage, books, DVDs, scents and beautiful intimate toys. Browse our selection of unique gift suggestions sure to bring lasting pleasure to their lucky recipients.

Qortezan: Live Royally

Vibrators & Toys: www.qortezan.com/Vibrators-Toys
Massage: www.qortezan.com/Massage
Lubes: www.qortezan.com/Lubes
For Men: www.qortezan.com/For-Men
Scents: www.qortezan.com/Scents
Books & DVDs: www.qortezan.com/Books-DVDs

Pleasure Principles

August 3, 2009

The notorious Qortezan is in the media again!

Vancouver’s online fashion culture e-zine, String Magazine, featured this insightful article on July 29, 2009. Read it here.



Part One

Choosing a vibrator can be intimidating. They come in so many sizes, shapes, materials and styles that having a little bit of information before you start trying to find the “on” button can do wonders for your confidence.

Whether you’ve used vibrators before or are starting to do a little bit of exploring, we hope that this series of guides for the curious will help to demystify the process of choosing a vibrator that will be right for you.

The first question that usually comes up is “Why would I want a vibrator?” and it’s a good one. After all, a well-made vibrator can mean an investment of $70 to $250 or more. Can it really be worth it? If you can use your hands, if you have a loving partner, if people have managed without them for thousands of years, why should you spend all that money?

Vibrators by Lelo

Vibrators by Lelo

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