When you have a favourite scent or cologne it becomes part of who you are.  Like a great outfit, it can make you feel powerful, confident, handsome and sexy.  But like all good things, even scents have a limited lifespan.  These easy tips will help you get the most out of your signature scent.

If you find that your cologne doesn’t last long enough on your skin, try using a stronger concentration or combine layers of the same scent.

Cologne is the very lightest form of any scent.  It has the highest concentration of alcohol so it disperses relatively quickly.

Eau de Toilette
is slightly more concentrated – the ratio of perfume to alcohol is higher so while it is still a nice light way to wear a scent, it has more staying power than cologne.

Eau de Parfum is even more highly concentrated.  This can be quite powerful and usually comes in an atomizer so that you can spray it in a fine layer.

Perfume is the most concentrated form and is often very expensive.  As they say, “a little dab’ll do ya” – you really only need to use the tiniest amount.  Perfume almost never comes in a spray.  It would be overwhelming.
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Perfume Basics

November 30, 2009

By Michelle

There is not much in the world more intimidating than the perfume counter at a big department store.

Edie at Sephora's in Paris

Edie at Sephora's in Paris

If you are like me, there is not much in the world more intimidating than the perfume counter at a big department store. It’s not just because of the incredible mixture of scents hovering in the air, though that’s part of it.  It’s all those choices, all those special words they use, all those ladies behind the counter that seem to have access to some alchemical secret that’s … well … secret.
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Qortezan.com is now open!

August 17, 2009

Qortezan is proud to announce the debut of qortezan.com, a brand new online shop featuring an elegant selection of sensual items from our boutique in Vancouver, Canada.
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