Scents Appeal: How to Make a Good Thing Last (Almost) Forever

December 15, 2009

When you have a favourite scent or cologne it becomes part of who you are.  Like a great outfit, it can make you feel powerful, confident, handsome and sexy.  But like all good things, even scents have a limited lifespan.  These easy tips will help you get the most out of your signature scent.

If you find that your cologne doesn’t last long enough on your skin, try using a stronger concentration or combine layers of the same scent.

Cologne is the very lightest form of any scent.  It has the highest concentration of alcohol so it disperses relatively quickly.

Eau de Toilette
is slightly more concentrated – the ratio of perfume to alcohol is higher so while it is still a nice light way to wear a scent, it has more staying power than cologne.

Eau de Parfum is even more highly concentrated.  This can be quite powerful and usually comes in an atomizer so that you can spray it in a fine layer.

Perfume is the most concentrated form and is often very expensive.  As they say, “a little dab’ll do ya” – you really only need to use the tiniest amount.  Perfume almost never comes in a spray.  It would be overwhelming.

Rather than using a lot of strongly concentrated perfume, you can extend the life of a scent on your skin by layering it.  Use a soap, shower gel or bubble bath, and then treat yourself to a luxurious body lotion in the same fragrance.  Finish off with a fine mist of eau de toilette and you will carry the scent with you for much longer.

Scents in their bottles don’t last forever either.  Temperature fluctuations, and especially excessive heat, will cause them to deteriorate; destroying their complexity and making them smell a bit sour.

Your perfume will last a lot longer if you can store it in a place with a consistently cool temperature.  If you like to display your collection, try to choose a spot that doesn’t get too warm in the sun.  Keeping your scents in the bathroom is not usually the best choice.

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