The White Shirt: Sexy and Expressive

October 29, 2009

The White Shirt. What is it about this everyday article of clothing that makes it so sexy?

Bardot, ShalakoIt’s all in the way you wear it and the story you tell with it.
There are so many ways we humans communicate. We use words and modulate our voices, we gesture and cast meaningful glances. The way we dress tells a story about who we are and what we want.

People are usually most conscious of the expressive power of what they wear for a job interview or a first date, but why not use this power more often and more deliberately?


What’s your story?

david beckham white shirtFor men, nothing could be simpler. The crisp clean lines of a well-made white shirt speak volumes about a man’s confidence and refinement. Do you wear cotton or silk? Do you notice the fine details of craftsmanship and tailoring? Nothing is so direct, so uncomplicated or so elegant.

Now for women. Imagine a beautiful woman padding around a luxurious hotel room wearing nothing but a man’s white dress shirt. Think Bridget Bardot or Marilyn Monroe – women who wore the white shirt with unselfconscious sensuality. This is the woman who rises tousled from bed and covers herself with her lover’s dress shirt discarded from the night before.

And there’s the white shirt worn with power and sexy confidence. Simple, perfectly fitted, paired with a business-like suit and a hint of lace beneath, this is the story of a woman who works and plays in a “man’s world” and holds her own.
Qortezan specializes in the sexy, expressive possibilities of the white shirt. We consider it an iconic essential that belongs in every wardrobe. Use your imagination: what’s your story?

Please visit Qortezan at 1035 Mainland Street, Vancouver for a collection of exceptional white shirts that will inspire your creativity.


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