Vibrators: A Guide for the Curious

July 31, 2009

Part One

Choosing a vibrator can be intimidating. They come in so many sizes, shapes, materials and styles that having a little bit of information before you start trying to find the “on” button can do wonders for your confidence.

Whether you’ve used vibrators before or are starting to do a little bit of exploring, we hope that this series of guides for the curious will help to demystify the process of choosing a vibrator that will be right for you.

The first question that usually comes up is “Why would I want a vibrator?” and it’s a good one. After all, a well-made vibrator can mean an investment of $70 to $250 or more. Can it really be worth it? If you can use your hands, if you have a loving partner, if people have managed without them for thousands of years, why should you spend all that money?

Vibrators by Lelo

Vibrators by Lelo

Vibrators offer a range and combination of sensations that are almost impossible to achieve otherwise. The real proof is in the experience, but a good vibrator used solo can open you up to experiencing pleasure in all aspects of your life and make you feel more sexually empowered and aware.

Self-pleasuring is, for many people, a topic loaded with shame. The idea of spending time and money making yourself feel good can be difficult and many people deny themselves pleasure out of a feeling of unworthiness.

Difficult as it is, it’s time to do away with all that. Sometimes you can get the courage you need to break out of restrictive thinking by just going ahead and taking the plunge anyway. Getting a vibrator, even if you don’t use it right away, is an incredibly empowering step.


It’s also worth considering that using sex toys and vibrators with a partner can increase communication, intimacy and trust.

It’s normal for people to wonder “If I get a vibrator, will my partner feel inadequate?” The flip-side of this question is usually “If I get my partner a vibrator, will I become obsolete?” The fact is that most people report the opposite result. When they introduce playfulness and creativity into their sex lives, most couples enjoy their time together more, feel more inspired and more intimately connected.

Vibrators and sex toys are enhancements, not replacements. When someone gets a vibrator, it’s not a comment on their partner’s performance. It shows that they’re willing to experiment and try for a deeper connection. That’s actually very flattering.

Jimmyjane Little Chroma

Jimmyjane Little Chroma

For people who experience pain and sensitivity during sex and for people with mobility limitations or injuries, vibrators can open up opportunities for pleasure and intimacy that might otherwise be unavailable. Some vibrators, like the Jimmyjane Little Chroma, have even been recommended by doctors for women recovering from trauma or medical procedures that make it difficult for them to experience sexual pleasure.

As we said, the proof is in the experience, but if you enter the world of finding the right vibrator armed with a bit of knowledge, the choice will be all yours. Check back here for more installments of Vibrators: A Guide for the Curious and visit us at Qortezan to discover some of the most beautifully designed vibrators in the world.

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