Welcome to Qortezan

June 22, 2009

Entering the realm of Qortezan is like parting a rich velvet curtain and stepping into a magical, theatrical, gorgeously sensual place. Once you are there, nothing else matters. You find yourself awakening, your senses coming alive. The smells, textures, sounds and sights inspiring, arousing, and freeing you.


Life is sexy.

Behind the curtain lie a courtesan’s secrets, the keys to her mysterious allure. Qortezan is generous. She could not keep her secrets if she wanted to. Her sensuality is inspired with wisdom, her attitude infused with joy. Her rooms are filled with items devoted to pleasuring both men and women, a world of sensual delight unlike any other.


Luxurious massage lotions, dresses and lingerie take their places next to handsome men’s clothing and colognes, perfumes and jewels lie beside exquisitely designed vibrators and sex toys. Everything is elegant, lush and beautiful.


You are welcome here. Welcome to enjoy, explore and discover. Above all, you are welcome to experience the pleasures of Qortezan in all the ways you desire.

Qortezan: Live Royally
1035 Mainland Street, Yaletown
Vancouver, BC Canada V6B 5P9

Open 12 Noon to 8:00 pm, daily.
Extended Seasonal Hours.



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